Getting your products to your customers

  • Recommending and setting up courier services
  • Tracking your products
  • Saving abandoned checkouts
  • Adding pricing to your shopping cart
  • Import/ customs clearance service advice
  • Integrating fulfilment apps
  • Overseas shipping services advice

In South Africa this is one of the biggest headaches. Let us provide the painkillers.

Too many business fail, or don't even get launched, because of the question "how will I get my products to my customers?" or "how do I know I'll get my purchase?".

For our first Shopify project we relied on the South African Post Office because we assumed private delivery firms would be too expensive for our low-value items. But we noticed a large number of abandoned checkouts as well as some complaints of non- or late- delivery of packages. Once we did the research we did find that there are private courier companies offering very competitive rates for national delivery (including overnight). They even integrate directly with the Shopify platform which makes the fulfilment process so much easier.