Get yourself to the top of the Google rankings.

SEO is the cheapest and most effective form of online marketing because it's as simple as doing a few free things to maximise your visibility on the web. If Google doesn't know who you are, how will your customers find you?

Search engine optimisation is absolutely vital for any eCommerce website. That is why Shopify have included many features that help Google to understand and categorise your site. From what sort of things you sell (keywords) to the specific products (descriptions). Even better, you can add structured data to your products such that when they display in search results, additional information such as prices and reviews will also display. This really helps improve click-through rates.

We've been doing SEO for years and know all the tricks of the trade, especially around how to use Shopify to get yourself to the top of the Google rankings.

  • ✔ Keywords
  • ✔ Page descriptions in search results
  • ✔ Performance analysis (eg. speed of loading, display on mobile devices)
  • ✔ Submissions to Google Webmaster
  • ✔ Structured data (eg. prices, reviews) in search results
  • ✔ Product descriptions in search results
  • ✔ Advice on improved SEO, eg. links from other sites
  • ✔ Creating stickiness, reducing bounce and improving return rates

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